The purpose of a fire risk assessment is to evaluate the premises and the tasks that occur in and around it. It highlights areas where fires could start and cause harm to staff/residents/occupants.

The aim of the assessment is to identify the fire hazards; reduce the risk of the hazards causing harm and to decide what precautions and management arrangements are necessary to ensure the safety of people in or around the premises in the event of fire.

Lancashire Fire Protection's fire risk assessments allow companies to meet their duties under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 by ensuring that the fire risk assessment is carried out by a competent person.

Lancashire Fire Protection's BAFE Registered fire risk assessor will carry out the Fire Risk Assessment at your premises and explain the process fully.  Then, once the professionally bound report with prioritised action plan has been created, this will be posted without delay.  (You will also receive you will receive an electronic copy by email.)

A free fire log book will be provided to record your periodic checks and maintenance.  Call 01772 335564 for Fire Risk Assessment enquiries.

The assessment includes: (but is not limited to)

Fire alarms and means of detection

Fire-fighting equipment

Escape routes

Building Structure

Emergency Lighting

Signs and notices


Policies and procedures

Training, Fire Instruction and Drills


Our comprehensive approach to fire risk assessment will:

ensure compliance with fire safety regulations.

reduce the risk of fires in your premises.

help you to develop safeguards to protect the occupants of the building.

reduce the risk of fire to your business assets.

ensure that in the unlikely event of a fire in your building, damage and danger are minimised.


Do I need a fire risk assessment?

It is a legal requirement to carry out a fire risk assessment in any property other than a private dwelling - there are no exceptions to this. Even a building that is divided into privately owned flats is required to have a fire risk assessment carried out on the common areas.

What legislation would you check my premises to?

Our fire risk assessments will highlight any deficiencies against The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and follow the accepted Communities and Local Government Fire Risk Assessment Guidance Documents.

How often do I need to review a fire risk assessment?

There is no hard and fast rule to how often you should review a fire risk assessment. What is accepted though us that a fire risk assessment is a "live document" and as such should not just be filed away. If you have any reason to suspect that your fire risk assessment is no longer valid or there has been a significant change in your premises that has affected your fire precautions, you will need to review your assessment and if necessary revise it.

Reasons for review could include:

• changes to work processes or the way that you organise them, including the introduction of new equipment;

• alterations to the building, including the internal layout;

• substantial changes to furniture and fixings;

• the introduction, change of use or increase in the storage of hazardous substances;

• the failure of fire precautions, e.g. fire-detection systems and alarm systems, life safety sprinklers or ventilation systems;

• significant changes to displays or quantities of stock;

• a significant increase in the number of people present; and

• the presence of people with some form of disability.

Which areas do you cover?

Based in Preston, we are ideally situated to cover Manchester, Liverpool and the North West of England.

I want Lancashire Fire Protection to carry out a fire risk assessment for me; how much will it cost?

Less than you might think. To ensure we give you the lowest possible price we'd need to ask you a few questions regarding the size and use of the building. Please contact us on 01772 335564 and we'll be able to provide you with a no obligation quotation.