Lancashire Fire Protection can offer fire awareness training, fire warden / marshal training and hot work training.

Courses will typically be held at your premises at a time to suit you.  Fire Warden/Marshal training group prices at your premises are from £32 per person.  Fire Awareness & Hot Works training also available.

If you don't have enough people to justify your own course, we do hold courses at a training facility in Preston (less than 1 mile from junction 29 of the M6) where we can train small groups or individuals from a number of companies. The next fire warden/marshal courses at our facility will take place on the 26th April, 24th May & 26th June 2024.

Call Jerry on 01253 922990 to book your place.

A short video from a recent fire warden training course

Training Courses

We have a number of fire training options available. Our core course is the Fire Awareness and Extinguisher Training Course. This training will give delegates an understanding of the importance of fire prevention, fire spread, the use of fire extinguishers and safe evacuation of a building. (See below for additional training modules.)

Maximum of 15 persons per session.

The Fire Awareness and Extinguisher Training Course includes the following sections:

Human Behaviour in a Fire Situation - Discuss how people react when they hear the fire alarm or are confronted with a fire

Evacuation - The correct course of action to take upon hearing the fire alarm or discovering a fire

Legislation - Discuss what we need to do and why

The Behaviour of Fire and Smoke - Explain how fire and smoke behaves in different circumstances

Evacuation from the Building - Discuss the best way to evacuate the building safely

Triangle of Fire - Explain the 'ingredients' that are required to allow combustion to occur

Understanding of Ignition - Explain fire point, flashpoint, auto ignition and spontaneous combustion

Fire Spread - Discuss how fire typically spreads through a building

Extinction of Fire - Explain the various methods of extinguishing fires

Classes of Fire - Explain the various classes of fire and the best way of extinguishing each class of fire

Fire Extinguishers - Explain the various types of fire extinguishers and the most suitable extinguisher for each class of fire

Practical use of Fire Extinguishers - Hands-on use of the different types of fire extinguisher

We have a choice of two additional modules that can be added to the Fire Awareness and Extinguisher Training Course for a nominal fee.

Fire Warden / Marshal Training is our most popular course and is intended for employees nominated as fire wardens or marshals in their workplace. It is designed to give delegates a greater awareness of the dangers of fire in the workplace. We can tailor the course around your premises and procedures at no extra cost. This module adds approximately 45 mins to the Fire Awareness and Extinguisher Training Course.

Maximum of 15 persons per session.

The Fire Warden / Marshal Training Module adds the following sections to the Fire Awareness and Extinguisher Training Course:

Fire Safety Management - Day to day duties of the fire warden / marshal with regard to general fire safety in the workplace

Role of a Fire Warden/Marshal - What duties may be requested of the fire warden/marshal in a fire situation

Fire Drills and Evacuations - How to implement and manage fire drills and evacuations

Fire Brigade Requirements - Information the fire service will need when they attend a fire situation and access requirements

Hot Work Training is required for any operative involved in any work involving heat. e.g. Welding, cutting, soldering, burning etc. This could include roofers, plumbers, welders, building contractors, local councils, workshops etc. This module adds approximately 40 mins to the Fire Awareness and Extinguisher Training Course.

Maximum of 15 persons per session.

The Hot Work Module adds the following sections to the Fire Awareness and Extinguisher Training Course:

Hot Work Permits - Why we need permits and explanation of the permit procedure

Site Preparation - What actions we should take to ensure it is safe to start work

Safe Working - Explanation of safe working methods

Follow-up Checks - How to perform suitable post-work checks to ensure a fire does not occur


Please contact Jerry for Fire Training enquiries on 01253 922990

Why do I need fire training? If I see a fire in the building I'm just going to leave!

This is something we are often asked. Of course, if you see a fire in your building you are under no obligation to attempt to put the fire out using a fire extinguisher; if you don't feel confident that you can put out the fire then just make your way out of the building after raising the alarm. But consider a small fire; would you really allow a small fire to spread and potentially destroy the building? Sure you can get out, but what about others in the building? If the building was destroyed, what would the be the impact on the business - would it recover or is it likely to leave you without a job?

Fire training is not just about fighting fires. The fire training we provide will explain how fires can start and the ways that fire spreads. We explain how to prevent fires from starting in the first place and of course you'll have 'hands on' experience of different types of fire extinguishers in the 'practical use of extinguishers' section of the course.

Do I need to provide fire training?

Training of employees in fire safety procedures is a legal requirement under Part 2 Section 21 of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Lancashire Fire Protection can provide fire safety training for your staff at your premises in order for you to meet those requirements.

Will I receive a certificate?

Certificates will be sent electronically to trainees following completion of the course to demonstrate they have received fire training.

Which areas do you cover?

Based in Preston, we are ideally situated to cover Manchester, Liverpool and the North West of England. Should you have a requirement that is further afield, we may still be able to help you; just call us to discuss your requirement.