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Have your fire extinguishers serviced by Lancashire Fire Protection because:


Lancashire Fire Protection service technicians are FIA (Fire Industry Association) qualified to install and maintain fire extinguishers in accordance with British Standards BS5306-3 and BS5306-8.

Lancashire Fire Protection are also BFC (British Fire Consortium) members.  The British Fire Consortium is a trade body recognised by the Fire Authorities, Insurance Companies and Councils as well as the major industries in the UK.

  All technicians have been CRB checked for your peace of mind.

  All work carried out by Lancashire Fire Protection is covered by a high level insurance policy which includes public and products liability, professional indemnity and importantly, efficacy cover.  (Efficacy cover relates to a failure to perform of any equipment provided.)


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How often should my fire extinguishers be serviced?

The service life a fire extinguisher starts at the date of installation.  The requirement is that they should be installed and commissioned by a competent person, then serviced annually thereafter.


What's the difference between an 'annual service' and an 'extended service'?

The annual service checks that the extinguisher has not lost more than 10% of the fire fighting media inside since it was installed.  This is checked by accurately weighing the extinguisher.  If a gauge is fitted then it will be tested to ensure that the needle moves freely and that it shows the correct pressure.  The extinguisher will be checked externally for signs of damage or corrosion.  Moving parts will be lubricated and any seals and o-rings will be replaced to ensure that should the extinguisher be used, the contents do not leak out of any joints when under pressure.

At each annual service we check that the extinguishers you have are the correct type for the fire risks in your building.  Fire risks can often change if you install a new piece of equipment or change the use of a part of the building so it's important to review the level of fire fighting equipment.

A certificate will be provided to state compliance with national standards.


An Extended Service for 'low pressure extinguishers' (Water, Foam, Powder, Wet Chemical), is carried out at 5 years from the installation date.  The extended service on these extinguishers includes the same checks as the annual service but also requires a discharge test to determine proper operation of the extinguisher.  At this time, the inside of the extinguisher will be checked for signs of corrosion or any failure of the plastic lining fitted to water or foam based extinguishers.  The valve assembly is stripped down, inspected and lubricated.  If found suitable for further service, the extinguisher can be refilled and put back into service.

Note: For 'high pressure extinguishers' (CO2) there is no extended service at the 5 year point.  Due to the high pressures inside CO2 extinguishers (around 800psi at room temperature) they are subject to different regulations and therefore at the 10 year point (from the date marked on the extinguisher) the extinguisher should be overhauled.  This would require replacing the main valve, hydraulically testing the cylinder and usually requires repainting also.  For these reasons it is not cost effective to overhaul a CO2 extinguisher and therefore they are usually replaced with new at the 10 year point.


How should I choose a fire protection company?

There is no shortage of fire protection companies, this is a fact. There is also a big difference in the prices charged from company to company. So which company do you choose? The cheapest, aren't guaranteed to have had the training or the equipment to do the job correctly. The larger companies should have the necessary training in place, but they'll need to charge you higher prices to cover their overheads.

Have you ever thought that your current fire protection company seem to replace your extinguishers quite regularly? Most companies do not carry out the extended services, they just replace with new when the extinguisher is 5 years old.  It takes time to carry out the extended service and it's faster (and more profitable) for them to sell you a new extinguisher even though yours could be put back into service for less than half the price of a new one.

Most companies pay their engineers a low basic salary then expect them to sell you a high quantity of new equipment in order for them to hit their sales targets to earn commission.  It's not the engineer's fault, it's the policies operated by the larger companies.  Surely the best course of action is to find a company that doesn't pay its engineers in this way and has the technical ability and training to provide you with a value for money service you can trust.  Lancashire Fire Protection can offer you that.


Which areas do you cover?

Based in Preston, we are ideally situated to cover Manchester, Liverpool and the North West of England.  Should you have a requirement that is further afield, we may still be able to help you; just call us to discuss your requirement.


Okay, I'd like you to carry out my fire extinguisher maintenance for me, what do you need to know to give me a quotation?

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  • How many extinguishers you have and if possible, what type (e.g. 5 x Foam, 3 x CO2, 2 x Powder).
  • Your location.


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